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Client Services, Inc. has discovered a fraudulent business that is calling consumers offering mortgage modifications and credit card rate reductions representing themselves as “Client Services.” Please be assured our company does not partake in this business practice and is not affiliated with this company in any way. Client Services, Inc. encourages consumers to report the fraudulent “Client Services” to the proper authorities.


Client Services, Inc. (CSI) was founded in 1987 in the heartland of America. Steadfast on Midwestern values, CSI quickly established a reputation for providing superior quality and consistent performance. From its inception, CSI has paid special attention to attracting and retaining outstanding talent.  As a result, CSI’s workforce is comprised of individuals with the drive and determination required to flourish and succeed in a competitive environment.  It is that same spirit that has helped CSI evolve into a full-service Customer Relationship Management company. Today, CSI offers a full suite of Accounts Receivable Management (ARM), Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) and Healthcare solutions. As a company with full call center capabilities, CSI has the expertise and the resources to manage the life cycle of your customer base.

Consumer Feedback

CSI has a reputation for providing consistent high quality service to our clients as well as a positive consumer experience for our customers. This is demonstrated by the continuous affirmative feedback we receive. Below is a small indication of the types of positive consumer comments our employees generate.

"Dana was very professional and polite. She took a lot of stress out of my situation. Everything was wonderful!"
It was great to hear a customer talk about Andrea’s efforts. "You had great customer service. You were respectful of my time and I enjoyed speaking with you. You helped me get my life together step by step and I am grateful."
Marvin got this compliment after working with a customer "You have been very kind. You are very skilled at what you do and I appreciate your help."
"Isabel and I had a great conversation and she was an absolute blessing and such a doll. I just love her to death."
"You have an excellent employee in Pat. He has helped me save many tears and many months of trying to handle this. I just wanted to tell you what a kind man he is. He was never once harsh with me. He is wonderful."
"Darryel has been really helpful, courteous and patient with me in trying to resolve my account. He was kind and that means a lot."
Jeff received this feedback from a customer, "I feel so much better about this situation. You were wonderful. A lot of times people can be so nasty, but you are so nice and understanding and I appreciate it. You made my day."
A customer called in and complimented our agent, Shyra, saying she appreciated "being treated like a human being instead of talking to someone who sounds like a robot."
About our agent Greg, a customer wrote, "I appreciate the dignity, respect and compassion that you have shown."
"Ruby has done an exceptional job working with me . . . she was able to work out a set of payments that I can live with until I can get this resolved. She turned me around from someone who was hostile to someone who was willing to work out a plan to get this handled. She was very professional and turned around what could have been an ugly situation. I am definitely appreciative of the job she does."
"Shonda was so obliging and so nice and it was such a pleasure. I know that I owe money to you and if you owed me money, I would be screaming at you. Instead she was very professional and very courteous. I just want you to know how much I appreciate that."
"In light of what you (Chelesie) do, you sound like you also have a heart and I appreciate that. Thanks so much."
"Lavonne is outstanding at her job. She is genuine and personable. I was working with her and when I called her back, she remembered who I was and what my situation was. She has been amazing during the whole process."
Matt, received his own compliment from a consumer who was talking to him about another one of our agents, when the consumer said, "Her work is a reflection of management so it's obvious, if she reports to you, then you have helped train her well."
"I've been dealing with Jeff and he has been absolutely outstanding. He is so professional and explains everything fully. I am very impressed with him. Jeff is a true gentleman. His tone and the way he deals with his customers are outstanding."
"Craig is unbelievable. He was willing to work with me when I was having a hard time. I appreciate him. He is well spoken and courteous."
"I was impressed how Catrina handled the call. She was concerned and she was not pushy. She allowed me to speak, which was important. She was very professional."
"You are a darling. Most of the debt collectors are sharks and you are definitely a butterfly."
Our agent Stephanie received a letter complimenting her hard work, sensitivity and professionalism during a recent call. Below is a portion of what the consumer had to say about their interaction with Stephanie: "…I felt "safe" in talking with Stephanie. I didn't feel judged in any manner for my situation. If anything, Stephanie made me feel like my situation was extraordinarily common and something about which I did not need to be embarrassed. [Stephanie] responded with the care and concern of a deeply invested therapist whose only motivation was to ensure that her patient felt listened to, supported and "cured". Her demeanor and professional handling of my situation put me at ease and actually helped me overcome my embarrassment. If those in my situation knew Stephanie existed, I am sure they would be less hesitant to make that dreaded phone call to handle a very embarrassing situation. So it is with great respect that I commend the work of Stephanie and with gratitude that I express my appreciation for her compassionate and sympathetic handling of my case."
"William was very helpful. He provided an excellent service."
"Heather is very gracious and very helpful. She made this whole process easier. I wanted to say how much I appreciate her and what a pleasure it is working with her."
"I want to let you know that Derek was very professional and patient. He was understanding and made the experience much easier. He is definitely an asset to the company and I would like to make sure you know how great he is."
"William has been so nice and I thank him. They need a whole lot more people like him working there."
"Webster was helpful and knowledgeable. He was great to work with and he certainly helped me."
"Sherri was very kind. I really appreciate the way she handled the conversation. She was very empathetic, polite, and kind. She took the time to understand my situation and she genuinely tried to help. Because of her professional handling, I was able to get back on my feet and feel good about this."
"Maria has really helped me out. She needs to be recognized because what she has done has meant a lot."
"William was so sweet. He was the nicest he could be. You have a good employee there. There aren't that many people who talk to the customer that well."
"Adam has been more than helpful. He does a great job and I appreciate it. He is professional and does everything he can. Keep up the good job."
"...Victor was really professional and I applaud the way he handled this. ...He was actually pleasant to deal with and I appreciated that."
"Meesheca was very polite and has taken care of me well. Meesheca did a good job and I want her recognized."
"Jasmyn took the time to look at my account and I was very impressed with how she handled it. She is a very sweet girl and I would speak with her anytime. She went above and beyond."
"Tony treated me with the utmost respect. It truly was a pleasure to work with him to come to an agreeable arrangement to pay the debt."
"I’ve been working with Greg for a few months and he is very professional and has been very helpful. I really appreciate his work."
"Christine has done a very good job with customer service and I want her to be recognized. She was very informative."
"Amanda was helpful. She was willing to work with me to get things organized straightened out."
"CK worked . . . well throughout all of this and I appreciate her."
"I just had the privilege of talking to Amanda. I just wanted you to know that she deserves kudos for how she helped me today. Thank you so much!"
"I just wanted to compliment Robert. He was such a gentlemen to me. He worked with me and helped me out by giving me ideas for how to take care of this debt. He was excellent and very professional. You guys do an excellent job."
"You have a wonderful employee in [LaVonne]. She was so kindhearted in finding options that would work for me. She was patient and understanding and actually listened – she didn’t just hear, but she listened to what I said. She has an honest voice, a caring heart and I want to sing her praises. We need more people like her in business. She should have a pat on the back and 10 gold stars today."
"[Gloria has] been wonderful, thank you. I know this [debt] is my fault, but you treated me professionally and I appreciate it. You listened and you have a heart. I appreciate you trying to help me in any way you can and for being so kind to me."
"Karen has been handling our account for 3 years. She has never harassed us. Karen understood, was very caring and it meant a lot to us. Karen did outstanding and really needs to be recognized. Kudos to her!"
"[Deborah] is absolutely superb. She was so patient with me. She made me feel very secure and that means a lot to me."
"I want to let you know that Ramone was amazing. I was panicking about my debt and he worked with me to figure it out. He has been such a blessing to me!"
"Aubrey was excellent with her customer service. I have had a rough time working with other … companies for the past six months and she made up for that. Thank you."
"Jason is one of the nicest young men I have ever spoken to. His tone of voice and the way he treated me was excellent. He is such a nice young man. "
"I just spoke to Darryel and want to tell you that . . . you have some of the most professional and nicest people I have ever talked to. I have been working with multiple agencies, but if I had my choice I would work with you on all of [my debts]."
"Kierra was extremely nice and very warm on the phone."
"[Devyn]. . .You have handled this above and beyond a professional manner. You are very capable and very business-like. Kudos to you!"
"[Zina], you have been the nicest person to ever call . . . I’m happy to be settled up with this. Thank you for everything!"
Stephen just received this compliment, "I appreciate your attitude and your efforts. Other collection representatives are just plan mean. You handled my situation with the upmost professionalism and I appreciate the way that I was treated."
"Kelly is a very, very kind person. She was just super. She put my mind at ease, was very kind and understanding. Sometimes that is what a person needs and she did just that!"
"[Caroline] was amazing and helpful and is a really nice woman. She was not in a hurry, took her time with me and was very nice, sweet and helpful. She deserves a shout out!"
"I want to give a big compliment to Brad. He communicated very well; he was very kind, very knowledgeable, personable and listens well. He was very efficient in a friendly manner, which is the best of both worlds. I really think he is exceptional! He had that professional energy without being pushy and that is impressive."
"I just talked to the most wonderful representative at your company, Cheryl. She was so professional, calm and so understanding that I felt like I needed to share that with someone. You are so fortunate to have someone like her. I am so impressed when I come across someone who treats people like they are humans!"
"I want to let you know how great DeShawn was in helping me get this account settled. She was very professional and great to work with."
"Todd was very understanding and helpful with my situation. He was very easy to work with."
"I have been very thankful for the kindness and courtesy and politeness with all of your staff, including Melissa...I really appreciate you working with me."
"Larry was really cool. I spoke to quite a few agencies today and he was the nicest person I spoke with all day long. It was like he wanted to help and not just take my money. He is super nice."
"Tracy is awesome. She took care of everything and deserves recognition. She was very professional and I really appreciate it."
"I appreciate [Mark's] patience and willingness to work with me. If I were in a position to take care of this now, I would do that because he was that nice. He was very kind to me and I really appreciate it."